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The Healthy Plate

The Houda Saied Method is all about smart eating closer to nutritional balance, where each food group is represented in a complete and structured meal called the healthy plate.

Without weighing food or counting calories, all it takes is making the right choices by following these recommendations:

  • Half of the plate is filled with raw vegetables served with an olive oil and cider vinegar dressing and/or cooked vegetables (steamed, grilled, stuffed, or au gratin).
  • A quarter will contain a healthy source of animal protein (fish, eggs, seafood, meat, poultry) or plant-based protein (chickpeas, beans, lentils, peas, etc.)
  • The remaining quarter will include a source of complex carbohydrates (whole rice, whole wheat pasta, quinoa, whole grain flakes).

All seasoned with a source of healthy fats. All spices are recommended to give your dishes new and pleasant flavors.

The possibilities are endless depending on your preferences and desires, the key is to think about varying your foods and preparations as much as possible to refresh your meals and flavors while keeping to the basic formula.

"My method is not a diet in the strict sense of the word since a diet is quantitatively limited. My method is above all a lifestyle without calorie counting or food weighing."


The Houda Saied Method is a true Lifestyle. It’s not a diet in the strict sense of the term but rather a way of eating. It’s not about deprivation but rather about making the right choices while still enjoying yourself.

Rania MAKNI Alias Macnee